The Grammar of Seeing - Spring/Summer 2008

My collection “The Grammar of Seeing” is inspired by the philosophy of Austrian painter and architect Hundertwasser. His biographer says of him, “Hundertwasser wanted to be noticed and invisible at one and the same time. His clothing therefore had a dual function: to arouse attention and at the same time to shield him from curiosity. He wanted his individuality to be perceived by everyone while remaining safe in his hiding place.” My collection enshrines this duality.

This collection is about creating a narrative wardrobe which borrows its identity from its journey. The garments seek to describe the body without conforming it; the silhouettes are easy and free-flowing. I have used a lot of graphic geometrics but have made a conscious attempt to break the monotony and the sharpness of the motifs; be it in terms of juxtaposing them against softer silhouettes, sensuous fabrics or the manual processes of printing the graphics. The colour story also helps in the further disintegration of the patterns. I strongly believe in organic forms of design- the arbitrariness of nature, the juxtaposition of seemingly contradictory elements to make a unified whole. My design philosophy shies away from an absolute idea of beauty. The modern age definitions of form and beauty are things I try to demystify through my garments.

Participation is a very important aspect of my design. Whether it is the multiple ways of putting a button, tying a belt or just how you team up the seperates, my designs demand a certain involvement by the users; it’s always a surprise to see my clothes interpreted in different ways by different individuals.

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