The Grammar of Seeing - Spring/Summer'09

Jack can see he sees
What he can see Jill can’t see
And he can see
That Jill can’t see that she can’t see
But he cant see WHY
Jill cant see that Jill can’t see
R.D. Liang (Knots)

Child’s Play – Spring/Summer 2009
‘Imagination is as necessary in geometry as it is in poetry’- Alexander Pushkin
As children, all of us have played at folding sheets of paper to create objects from our
imagination. The act of transforming a lifeless sheet of paper to a boat or an airplane or
an animal or anything else that we can imagine was always magical for me. This
collection is inspired by that act of transformation- when your imagination and your
ingenuity come together to create something that existed only as a potential in that piece
of paper. My collection is filled with that childlike glee in expressing your imagination,
the dashes of color, the smattering of sequins and origami paper folds translated into
fabric. I have tried to fuse together the rigid forms of origami into softer silhouettes trying
to break the sharp geometry of the folds.
My concepts for the collection are directly inspired by the work of a modern genius in the
art of Origami –Dr Robert J Lang, American physicist and world’s foremost origami
theorist. The way he transforms a single sheet of uncut paper mixing the age old methods
of paper folding with lasers and high-tech software to create beautiful magical objects is
truly awe inspiring. My work too speaks the same ethos- the fusion of age old techniques
of hand embroidery and hand block printing interpreted with a very modern expression to
produce contemporary silhouettes. All the silhouettes are fitted and body conscious,
highlighting the contours of the body or adding curves where there are none. The mood
of the collection is very playful, drawing on the carefree and imaginative days of

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