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Quote of the Moment: Varun Sardana

It’s taken me over four years to get over the fact that you can show cleavage [in Dubai], whereas here it’s ok to show a midriff.

- Varun Sardana in an Interview for Esper (online) magazine.

When the interviewer proposed the question if he designed targeting the international market and if he had any intention to expand in the Indian market, Sardana expressed that more than questioning the existence of consumers, there wasn't a right platform(store) to sell. He expressed that designing clothes is something very personal and that he does not create only to please his market. Having said this he continues that Media also plays an important role to push tastes in a direction. 

Have never believed that there should be a set of Rules to be followed for a business that you are passionate about. Especially the ones related to arts. If you want to open a restaurant, open because you love the food you make; love to see people drool over the food they are about to savor. Not just because it makes for a good business opportunity. Varun is a storming success in the fashion industry because he does what he wants to do. No commitments to please, to answer to media, to use Swarovski  as it is being sponsored, to use color in a collection...

 It seems if you do things you believe in 100%, success follows itself.

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