The Cam-whore
A beauty queen obsessed with finding the perfect dress, finally finds the dress of her dreams. She hounds all the photographers in town dying to be preserved for all eternity in that dress. The night before the shoot, she sleeps in the dress, unable to stay one moment without the dress next to her skin. She wakes up and expectantly faces the mirror to ready for her big shot, only to find out that she's become a man. 'Damn I'm ugly' she thinks, "but the dress still looks fabulous!'

Mr. and Mr. Rainbow
Mr. A meets Mr. B at the departmental store. They check each other out while testing the firmness of the Spanish tomatoes. Their eyes speak volumes and world move, drawing them together. They go from the fresh vegetables to the produce to the frozen foods, silent but still in conversation. Will they check out together?

The Super Straights
Mr. and Mrs. SS moved in from an unknown town. In the beginning, everyone thought they were charming- they seemed a perfect couple. But slowly people started finding them a bit odd. 'What was so weird about then?' everyone wondered. Was it the fact that they were always happy, never quarreled, never fell ill or had a cross word with anyone. If you think of it, they were so perfect, so ideal and so 'normal' that it was pretty scary.

The Show Girl
From a family of trapeze artists, she ran away from home to seek her fame and fortune. She dreamt of becoming a famous stage actress, performing every night under the arc-lights to an adoring audience. But after a few months in the town, her life was just not headed where she wanted. Her acting skills were not up to the mark and no theater would hire her. She ended up waiting tables at a bar but every night she would get her sparkly dress out and dance ubder the streetlights to an imaginary audience.

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