Look Book A/W 2008

Alice in Blunderland
As a girl, Alice loved to daydream. Lost in her dreams she would stumble about life, tripping on every step and falling into every puddle. While all the girls in school swooned over their pedigree lapdogs, she house trained a goat. She finally managed to get through typing school and spends her life mistyping government forms while dreaming of running away somewhere with her goat.

The Recluse
She was one of the local Casanova's early victims. Barely in her teens, she couldn't take the heartbreak and resolved never to love again. She began to shun all company and lived with books as her only companion. She lives her life in the maze of the many plots that unfurled everyday from the many books she read with no tabs on the real world outside her doorstep.

The Witch
A successful fashion editor in search for the secret of eternal youth stumbles upon the closely guarded art of witch craft. She manages to find the elixir of youth but finds herself unable to step out in the sunlight and spends all her time under the glare of the spotlights trying to recreate the feeling of the sun on her face.
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