Les Prints "Va-Su" Édition Limitée

Sutanu is a developer of prints, who hails from Orissa, India. This post will take you deeper into the collaboration between Varun Sardana and Sutanu Panigrahi.

Varun, also an amateur photographer with feverish passion, has spent a lot of time shooting his auto-portraits, some of which are on public display on his personal tumblr blog, monologue. Some of these pictures were shown to Sutanu and there was born a collaboration. Sutanu has taken these photographs, digitally remastered, manipulated and superimposed them with images of forests and created a series of strong, stunning images.

These images are here for you to peruse:

These images were used to print silk, jersey for Varun to use as fabric for a collection. Here follows some of what resulted: -

The collection is available in limited supply at select stores worldwide. Contacts our Sales team to get your hands on one these timeless pieces.