Autumn/Winter Show Reviews

  • Spring/Summer'11 is close on our heels and as we move on to the new show, we thought it would be nice to look back at the last show and reminisce.. Here are some reviews- some good, some bad....

    Varun Sardana creates drama on the ramp

    Monday 29 March 2010 19:51 IST
  • The show began a good hour and a half late. It had everyone wondering why it was taking so long. What was it that Varun Sardana had to offer? And then, the show began, leaving all spell bound

    And finally, as the entry doors were made open for entry, everyone was surprised for a moment on not seeing any chairs in the audiences’ circuit and the guests, media, buyers etc., had to sit on the multi-stair floor. While some said it’s due to the exceeding number of guests that more space was requires, others guessed that may be the chairs have been taken to the other show area for the grand finale show. But putting all anxieties on rest, designer Varun Sardana brought on ramp an absolutely spectacular show in all black.

    “Actually I always wanted to have a show where I don’t have any front row seats and let be a similar experience for one and all who are watching my show. So I deliberately got all chairs removed from the show area,” smiles an elated Varun.

    Talking of his collection, he says, “The show had different moods to it and I wanted to focus only on the forms this time. For this collection, I have experimented a lot with fabrics and I like to incorporate hand done craft, textures and other techniques in my creations.”

    Gowns, dresses, pants, jackets, skirts with tailoring techniques like structured shoulders, flairs and innovative cuts, the collection indeed presented lot of drama yet retaining the true essence of pure fashion. Using detailings like pintex, layering, folded fabric, leather frills, fabric petals, gathered fabrics, the designer didn’t use any colours other than black, as he wanted to have less of distracting elements.

    Adding to the mood of whole ramp settings and line, feathered shoes with colorful frill detailing came as an apt add-on. According to the designer, the feathered shoes were basically to reflect the forest effect and a feel of jungle that somewhere inspired my collection.”

    Moreover, talk of colorful and elaborated Kathakali makeup, flashy lip shades, whacky hairdos and entire wooden ramp, there was lot of drama that was created for the show. On being asked if such dramatic elements takes away from the main purpose of showing the garments, Varun asserts, “I feel the drama factor makes the whole ramp showcase look very interesting. One can see the garments in stores also but when they are done for the ramp, there has to be something attractive and unique.”

    By: Monika Rawal

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